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Compartment Lunch Box Adults

Aohea Compartment Lunch Box Adults, bento box, with replacement compartment-fruit fork set-animal shape, lion, panda, giraffe, cat, etc.

s-l500 (1)

Our Aohea click box can be used again in a container of 4 or 6 scissors. Babies like it very much, and eat separately, separate dry and wet. This is the taste of children ;-)

✔ The seal can prevent wet food from spilling (not suitable for liquids), and do not mix with the required food. Provides more information about that information.

There is a child-friendly lock and oversized metal pin hinge between the Aohea bento boxes. In addition, the inner cover can be removed from the outer jacket. The mailbox is full. The shell is not in direct contact with the contents, usually wipe it with a damp cloth.

✔Aohea kid's lunch box certainly does not contain harmful substances, such as BPA and plasticizers (tested by an independent laboratory). 

Dimensions: 21.3 cm x 15 cm x 4.5 cm | Weight: about 480 grams | Dishwasher safe (maximum 55°C). We recommend that you clean the empty outer box by hand to prevent distortion at high temperatures and ensure a long lock life.


 Aohea factory develops 2-6 new, practical and beautiful lunch boxes every year, please pay attention to us.

And we have mold room, we accept open mold to make your ideal design come ture.


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