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How To Choose A Bento Lunch Box For Kids?

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The bento lunch box that the baby needs is one of the children's tableware, which can not be chosen casually, but how to choose a bento lunch box for kids? OuMeng is a professional bento box manufacturer in China, will tell you how to choose the best bento lunch box for kids.



There are many brands of kid's lunch boxes in the market, and the brand is a very important factor in choosing a bento lunch boxes for children. Many parents believe that it is difficult to judge whether the product is safe and hygienic with the naked eye. Most of the well-known brands have been tested by the national health department and are safer than those small brands. Among the factors of purchase, the materials of lunch boxes are the most important to parents. What they worry about most is whether the material of the lunch box contains harmful elements, such as lead, etc., while ordinary consumers cannot tell whether the product is safe and hygienic. However, many parents know that they cannot choose brightly colored lunch boxes, preferably colorless and transparent, or light-colored lunch boxes. At present, most children's lunch boxes on the market are made of plastic. Glass lunch boxes or traditional ceramic lunch boxes are large and heavy, inconvenient for children to use, and easy to break. The styles of children's lunch boxes are really diverse, including round, oval, polygonal and so on. In addition to the traditional square shape of the spoon, there is also a curved style of the spoon head. Because the hands of young children cannot bend, it is difficult to take the meal with the spoon and send it to the mouth, so this kind of spoon head is designed. The spoon is convenient for children to put rice into their mouths.

Selection considerations

1. The lunch box is marked with "MF" and "QS" at the same time, which can be used as a lunch box.

2. If it is marked with "UF", it can only be used to hold non-food items or edible foods that need to be peeled (such as oranges and bananas), not directly ingested foods.

3. Consumers are advised not to buy imitation porcelain products without any signs.

4. Buy lunch boxes in regular supermarkets and shopping malls. Don't buy all kinds of local stalls for cheap.

 5. When buying a lunch box, check whether the lunch box is deformed or not;

 6. Children should not use brightly colored imitation porcelain lunch boxes, especially those with printing on the inside. They should try to choose light-colored imitation porcelain bento lunch boxes.

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