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Stainless Steel Lunch Box Wholesale

Stainless Steel Lunch Box Wholesale

This spacious, stainless steel bento box features five compartments, making it easy for you to add variety to your child’s meal. This special value bundle includes everything you need for maximum lunch packing flexibility.

Two silicone Bento Cups keep juices in their own sections.

Use the leak proof 4.5 oz and 1.5 oz Dips for condiments and side dishes.

It seemed like the tide was starting to turn against plastic pollution. There was so much progress happening in early 2020 as people fought back against the tidal wave of single-use plastics and swapped disposables for reusables.

But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, plastic pollution progress was suddenly put in reverse as attention shifted to health safety during a pandemic. Now single-use masks, plastic gloves, to-go containers, bags and more plastic products are littering our streets, waterways, beaches, parks and beyond.

The reusables movement has been playing defense ever since, trying to get grocery stores to go back to allowing customers to make simple plastic-free choices like bringing their own bags. The new pandemic normal rolled back the clock on strides that had been taken to legalize and popularize the use of reusables. Plastic-free lifestyle aficionados and activists suddenly were no longer able to use their own cup to purchase coffee or their own food reusable containers for restaurant takeout.

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