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SUS 304 Bento Lunch Box

SUS 304 Bento Lunch Box

SUS is made of iron-chromium alloy mixed with other trace elements. Because of its good metal properties and corrosion resistance than other metals, the made utensils are beautiful and durable. Therefore, more and more are used to make tableware, and gradually enter the majority of households. As utensils for processing and serving food, their quality seriously affects the health of the diet. With the improvement of the living standards of the Chinese people year by year, people's requirements for kitchenware are getting higher and higher. More and more people regard the brand as the first consideration when choosing kitchenware.

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The five parts is our special and unique design. We also trying to get a patent of that. Please watch the lock we created, we have been changed that from silicone to SS. Because we need to satisfied the needs of the consumer. The specification will be much larger than the market selling one. We think the SUS 304 Bento Lunch Box in advance, after consideriing the eating diet of western country, the inner and outer should be more flexible and unbreakable. Finally we got the design diagram and produced to the world market.


MOQ: 1000pcs

weght: 0.650g

Sample time: 5-12days

Package: Plastic bag

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