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The Magical Effect Of Bento Lunch Box

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Whether it is our home life, or for students or workers, a convenient bento lunch box is, to a large extent, a necessary choice. Eating in a restaurant outside, or eating in a restaurant, will always consciously or unconsciously realize the hygiene problems of tableware, but in fact, sometimes, especially for certain stores, the disinfection of tableware may not be so Pay attention.


Therefore, if you use your own bento lunch box for adults as a food tool when it is convenient, the sanitary conditions are better, and you can eat with a little peace of mind. Use porcelain or glass lunch boxes, which are relatively easy to clean, or if you use insulated lunch boxes If it is, it can also keep warm. In contrast, plastic lunch boxes are more compact and lighter, and more convenient to carry. After all, what kinds of lunch boxes are there? Let's take a look.

The custom bento lunch box we are talking about here is a box specially used to hold meals, also called a bento box. Most of the materials are made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. The types of lunch boxes are roughly divided into three categories, namely, plastic lunch boxes, insulated lunch boxes and ordinary lunch boxes.

We usually use plastic bento lunch boxes or ordinary lunch boxes when we use them as tableware for dinner, but if we want to eat them after a longer period of time, using insulated lunch boxes is a good choice. The thermal insulation lunch box we are talking about is the addition of a thermal insulation shell to the ordinary lunch box. The inner and outer layers are filled with foam plastic, and the inner layer is plated with a metal film, so it can reduce heat in the three aspects of conduction, radiation and convection. In addition, an electric heating device is installed between the lunch box and the shell to supplement the heat loss, so that the food can be kept at a certain high temperature for a long time.

However, although the heat preservation box can satisfy the heat preservation effect of all kinds of food, it is better not to touch some food as far as possible to protect the service life and use effect of the lunch box. For example, for plastic lunch boxes, carbonated beverages should be avoided as much as possible. The bubbles generated by them will reduce the sealing ability; and if it is to be used in microwave ovens, it should be best to use special microwave ovens to prevent the lunch box from deforming or bursting. The choice appears.

Of course, disposable lunch boxes are also the most commonly used lunch boxes, but we should try to avoid using them. The disposal of disposable lunch boxes generally adopts the methods of incineration, burying, and throwing away. However, the method of burying is in the underground environment. The decomposition is very slow, and it is easy to produce conditions that hinder the growth of plant roots and pollute groundwater. There are many hazards. Plastic waste is also devouring our living environment and should be avoided as much as possible.

Therefore, if you can use your own custom bento lunch box as much as possible in your daily life, although you will spend a little time cleaning it after a meal, it is really an action worth admiring in the long run. In addition to giving yourself a more hygienic In addition to the tableware environment, it can also reduce its own use of plastic. The environmental protection benefits brought by it, although it seems small, are in fact large enough.

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