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Thermal Bento Box for Lunch

Thermal Bento Box for Lunch

Aohea bento box storage is produced by tritan, silicone and 304 stainless steel material.

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Unique patent design

★ Stainless steel (304) round jars, the insulation soup is 100% tight and waterproof. 

The design of the lid is unique, no need to unscrew the lid, just put the handle on the lid to the vertical lid to open. You don't need to twist the lid to close it also, just put down the handle on the lid and it will close tightly.

★ Why store healthy food in a container full of chemicals? Would you like to provide your children and your family with snacks and snacks and at the same time be environmentally friendly and safe?

★ There is no arguing about health, energy efficiency and environmental protection! This stainless steel food container set was born out of this trend. Unlike plastic food container sets, stainless steel food container sets are not only more stable and durable, but - what is even more important - will not harm your body. You are 100% healthy. Of course, for most of the earth family members, everyone is responsible for saving energy and protecting the environment. Protect our planet from the little things too. 

Whole AOHEA Thermal Bento Box for Lunch storage is durable, can use it more than 2 years. And all material is recyclable. Friendly for our healthy and environment.

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