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2020 Japanese Bento Box Manufacturers,The Japanese Lunch Box Container


✅Ecologically high-quality-Oumego bento box is a bento box with a high proportion of Tritan, which combines modern design, practical subdivision and sustainability

✅No pollution-food-safe Bentobox does not contain BPA and other pollutants, which can ensure safe consumption

✅Microwave safe and dishwasher safe-the bento box can be safely used in microwave and dishwasher

ACT practical pantry + cutlery-the cutlery provided can be conveniently stored in the bento box.

With this bento box, you will have everything! It uncompromisingly combines beautiful, well-thought-out design with sustainable development. This ecologically high-quality material does not contain harmful substances and can ensure the enjoyment of BPA-free.

No need to eat cold meals casually, these cold meals will become ugly during transportation. The bento box is divided into four compartments and can be microwaved. Just put the container in the microwave oven without lid and heat the food.

A lid with a leak-proof seal ensures that the bag is clean, and the pantry, which is also in the lid and is equipped with a spoon, fork and knife, ensures that the dishes are clean. We recommend always carrying only two utensils in the lunch box. After dinner, you can leave the cleaning of the bento box to the dishwasher and focus on other things, such as tomorrow's menu.

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