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7 high appearance level bento boxes review, a good meal from the opening of the bento box

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Before we get started, let's talk about the history of bento boxes and a company that makes them in Japan.

The word "bento" originated from a popular saying in the Southern Song Dynasty, which means "convenient things, convenient things and smooth things".After it was introduced into Japan, it was marked by the characters て, such as "Bi Dao", "Bi Dao" and "Bi Dang" (later it was patched together with Chinese characters with similar pronunciation into the existing pronunciation, but the Chinese characters almost lost their original meaning).

It is also said in Japan that during the Momoyama period of Oda Nobunaga's regime (around the second half of the 16th century AD), it was convenient for Nobunaga to distribute simple meals for each person with his ministers in the city, and called these simple meals "bento".

Later, Japanese bento was not only exclusive to aristocrats, but also became an essential part of ordinary people's lives.With the passage of time and the pursuit of fashion, the diversification of bento boxes has become one of the goals of bento box production companies.


There are many bento box makers in Japan. Here we would like to introduce Hakoya, a bento box maker based in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It is also a branch of traditional bento box maker Tatsumiya.Tatsumiya started making bento boxes in 1936. After experiencing major historical events such as World War II and the bubble economic crisis, he founded Hakoya branch in the 1990s, dedicated to researching new bento boxes suitable for modern life.


A bento box from Hakoya goes through initial planning, molding, painting, polishing, maki-e (a Japanese lacquer art), and checking the package before it is delivered to the customer.

Every step is carefully completed by every Hakoya employee and the craftsmen with corresponding responsibilities. Every bento box contains Hakoya's expectation that customers can smile and have a good mood.

Because of the company's vision, many Japanese are more willing to use these beautifully crafted and ingenious bento boxes to take their meals from home to work.

Instead of a generic mass-produced meal from a restaurant, the process of preparing a fancy bento box, cooking it at home and packing it is a little more ritualistic and can add a little novelty to your everyday routine.

But the bento box on the net is always the same, lack of new ideas, and the bento box variety style that imports from abroad is too much, choose phobic patient to have no way to start, how should be good?

This article will focus on Hakoya's bento box to explore, through different directions to find the most suitable for you.


Ukiyo-e series bento box

Ukiyo-e, a Japanese genre painting and print, literally means "Fancy World Painting". It is a unique national art produced in the Edo period of Japan in response to the economic and cultural upsurge of the citizens. It has a profound impact on social life and has a strong vitality.

Ukiyo-e is a typical art of flowers and willow streets. It mainly depicts People's Daily life, landscapes and plays. With its unique colors and magnificent features, Ukiyo-e has influenced many parts of Europe and Asia and inspired many masters of various schools, which shows that Ukiyo-e has a high artistic value.



As a traditional Japanese national art, Ukiyo-e has naturally been used in various places, such as mobile phone cases, ledgers, clothing and so on.

While Hakoya's focus is on new bento boxes for modern living, Ukiyo-e, a long-established form of Japanese national art, is also being displayed in more novel ways.


Is this a book on the theme of writing music and painting?It looks a bit fancy, however, but it's just a bento box with a slightly unusual shape.

I used to think that most Japanese bento boxes are long oval shapes, with several small boxes filled with various snacks piled on top of one another, which is enough for a person to enjoy a full meal.

But this bento box is unique. It breaks away from the traditional image of a bento box and incorporates the traditional Japanese culture of Ukiyo-e to show a new bento box in line with modern life.


Japanese people love books, and the bento box made with the appearance of the book is naturally quite delicate. This bento box is more incisively and vividly reflects the details of the book.The cover, back cover and spine of a book, and even every piece of paper in the mouth, are completely reflected in the appearance of this bento box.

In contrast to the delicate appearance of this bento box, it is the weight, in the full text of the bento box can be regarded as the weight of the player.


The box, which has a capacity of 550 milliliters, is about as much as a moderately active adult female or male would eat for lunch.


Take off the strap and open the box. The inside of the box is the same piano black as the outside box. There is also a small and delicate box hidden inside, which can put some small dishes alone, but it is not afraid of being mixed with rice because of the bumpy journey and become messy.


In addition to the basic appearance, internal structure and volume of a bento box, the most important thing is its sealing and heat preservation function.Of course, in order to keep the food in order, you don't want to deliberately shake the box too hard to see if the soup actually comes out.

The box seals well, and not much water escapes from the box, allowing you to slightly fill food with liquid without worrying too much about it leaking out and smudging the bag.And this bento box is easy to clean, the liquid is not easy to leave a mark inside the box.


Although the appearance of this bento box is very luxurious, the thermal insulation efficiency is relatively poor. It is better to eat the food in the bento box as soon as possible after heating it in the microwave oven!


Many features make this bento box, every difference is its unique, if you like a unique shape but not very care about the weight of the people, this bento box is the best choice.

In addition to the above mentioned bento box, the Ukiyo-e series also includes two types: Wave Fuji and Red Fuji, which all reflect the style of Ukiyo-e, a classic Japanese art and culture.

Lucky cat face series bento box

Cat, has a free soul, flexible body, soft hair, sometimes cold, sometimes lovely, sometimes went to the roof to sleep late, sometimes ran to you in front of a jiao, let a person how not to love?


Starting from the Edo period, keeping cats became popular in Japan.The Japanese believe that cats are cute, intelligent and virtuous, but also a little sly. They also have psychic powers and a sense of mystery. In addition, cats can protect grain from rats, so the legend based on cats has become more and more popular.

In addition to legends, cats are also active in literature, with the Japanese even writing from the point of view of cats.Natsume Soseki's I am a Cat takes a poor teacher's cat as the protagonist, and uses the perspective of this anthropomorphized cat to observe human psychology. This cat is good at thinking, knowledgeable, full of sense of justice and literati temperament. Unfortunately, he did not learn the skills to catch mice until he died.


Not only Natsume Soseki, the love of cats is a common feature of almost all human beings, among which the Japanese are particularly fond of cats, which is well known to the world. Therefore, Japanese people write cats in books, draw them on paper, and even make them into pendants to carry around.

Hakoya is no exception, as is the case with Fortune Cat's face bento box series.This series uses a black and white two different colors, different expressions of the face of the lucky cat as the ontology of the bento box, simple but very lovely style, not only children, even adult women use will not have too much sense of incongruous.


In contrast to the more common, formal-looking bento box, this one has a cat's face on the lid and even the body.You can touch the "ears" of the bento box gently, though not as soft as a real cat, but you can also feel the sense of accomplishment of owning a cat.


Uncover the box, inside is a yellow and a green two separate boxes, occupied the bento box inside the most space.Spread rice on the top layer below, put some fruit side dishes in the box, is a very complete lunch.

If you don't like compartments, you can also take them out, which will give you a lot more room to hold more food.


The box is 500 milliliters long enough for teens and even adult women to fill up.

Some people may not want to go out with a bento box because it is too heavy. This bento box can eliminate this concern. Under the condition that the volume can meet the basic requirements, it is not very heavy, and it is also very light to carry out.


After talking about the basic data of this bento box, it is necessary to mention its sealing and thermal performance.

The bento box itself has a cute look and portable weight, but it doesn't stop there. It's also remarkably airtight.

If the word "not bad" is used to describe the sealing ability of the Ukiyo-e series bento box, then the word "quite good" can be used to describe this bento box.After putting in water, shake the bento box, only a small amount of water drops out, then, even if the food containing soup is properly placed in this bento box, there will be basically no soup leakage.

The bento box heats up quickly in the microwave, but the temperature drops just as quickly.Perhaps because it has too many advantages, it is a little bit worse at insulation.

Every bento box always has some advantages and disadvantages, and these advantages and disadvantages will be transformed into each other in different situations. It is good to choose the most suitable bento box according to your own needs.For students and adult women who are looking for a cute and light bento box, this Lucky Cat Face Bento box is the perfect choic

Baby series bento box

There are all kinds of traditional Japanese images in the doll series, such as Hanako, Ichiro, General, Samurai, Akihime, Ninja, and Moto Taro. Each image contains different Japanese culture. What we purchased this time is the samurai bento box in the series, and the following content will be written based on the bento box.图片21

In Japanese, the original meaning of the word samurai (Japanese: ぶし) is a servant and personal attendant. The loyalty and valor of a samurai is based on a master and subordinate system whereby the Lord he is loyal to can reward the samurai for his contributions.

Japanese samurai came into being in the Heian era. From the middle of the ninth century, some local lords began to establish private armed forces to defend themselves and used them to expand their power. Such armed forces gradually matured into an institutionalized professional military organization based on clan and master subordinate relationship.


In modern times, the Japanese samurai image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, for the cultural heritage to more people, in addition to the history textbooks, Japanese film and television animation in the game there is a large, tells the story of the warring states period of Japan, for example, the rogue mark "ambitions of woven Tian Xin nai" sengoku BASARA "" letter long concerto", etc., and therefore,Hakoya's bento boxes feature samurai figures in the doll line.

The appearance of this bento box can be said to be very cute, like the doll, if you don't know this is a bento box in advance, you would think that after opening the box will continue to spout a smaller "samurai".

Although the appearance is more cartoonish, the utility of this bento box is extremely high.At the top and bottom of the bento box, there are special places for the bandage to aim at every part of the samurai's body, so as not to misplace his head and body and make a joke.

Starting with the samurai's "hair", it is removed layer by layer and contains a divider cover, which can be divided into four sections.

The most unexpected part is its "hair", which turns out to be a small bowl that can hold soup.However, it should be noted that you can't just pour the soup into the bento box and take it with you.


If you want some soup in this bowl, miso powder is a good choice.There are many varieties of miso powder in Japan, which can be useful at this point. A bag of miso powder with some hot water makes a steaming bowl of miso soup.Eat it with your meal, and it's the ultimate comfort for your stomach.


Much has been said about the appearance and construction of this bento box, but now it's about its volume.

In fact, the volume of each of the first and second floors is 225 milliliters, a total of 450 milliliters, which is just about right for teenagers and adult women who don't eat too much.

In case you've forgotten the "hair", the soup bowl has a capacity of 200 milliliters, even though it doesn't fit directly into the food.Add all the numbers up and the box holds 650 milliliters, making a lunch that contains soup, rice and even vegetables quite gorgeous.

The next thing to talk about is the tightness of the bento box, although there are two layers, but the result of each layer is different.

The first layer is highly sealed, almost not easy to leak;After shaking the bento box, there will be a lot of water coming out of the second layer, which is not very tight.If you want to bring food with soup, it's better to put it on the first layer.

After being heated in the microwave oven, the food in the bento box basically reaches the maximum temperature of the food very quickly, and the temperature drops slightly slower than other bento boxes, which can keep the temperature of the food unchanged for a certain period of time.


Because the shape of this bento box is relatively special, it is not very convenient to carry it directly. It is suggested to carry it together in a bento bag, which can also reduce the burden on hands to a certain extent.

The biggest advantage of this bento box is its appearance, followed by the fact that it comes with a soup bowl. If you are interested in Japanese legends or traditional characters, you can choose this bento box.

In addition to the size of the bento box mentioned in this article, the series also comes in a larger version of 1,050ml (including soup bowl 350ml), which is more than enough for even a grown man.


Japanese style rice ball series bento box

Onigiri is a traditional Japanese food with rice as its main ingredient. It is also one of the most important items in convenience stores.The rice ball has a variety of flavors, such as salmon mayonnaise, tomato egg, spicy cabbage beef, plum chicken and cherry blossoms, all of which are impossible to imagine without trying them yourself.


Of course, in addition to the basic flavors sold in convenience stores, you can add different ingredients to your rice balls to create a whole new flavor.

Hakoya also used "rice balls" as one of the ingredients for the bento box.


The bento box we bought is a plum-double bento box in the rice ball series. In addition to this, the rice ball series also includes single-layer bento boxes with bean sprouts, plums, seaweed and eggs, as well as double-layer bento boxes with seaweed man and jade.

This bento box is small and delicate, and the capacity is not very big. It can be considered the baby in the bento box.

As you can see, this bento box doesn't have a lot of volume, and it doesn't have a lot of volume.

Although the sparrow is small, it has all its organs. The bento box is divided into two layers. It seems that each part can't hold much.

The first floor can hold about 150 milliliters of food, and the second floor can hold about 100 milliliters of food, which is relatively suitable for carrying as a filling box and a small dish box.


As for the sealing of this bento box, it is not very good.

Pour into the water, cover the seal and then shake on a little, can not use the word "leak" or "flow" to describe, really will "spill" out a lot of water.

So don't even think about filling this bento box with soup, spilling it can be a problem for your bag.


Compared with other bento boxes, the heating speed of this bento box is fast, easy to heat, and the cooling speed is also fast, so the thermal insulation effect is not particularly ideal.


Having said so much, besides being small and cute, I don't see any advantages of this bento box, so why write it in the article?

In fact, no matter what items will have its value of existence, this rice ball lunchbox is the same.

Not everyone will eat a lot. If you are a woman who usually eats a little, this bento box is the best choice.Of course, it does not mean that men who eat a lot can not use it, men can take it as a secondary box, on the basis of the original bento box, add a rice ball and side dishes, is also a good choice.


Antique metal series bento box

In the impression of people, the traditional Japanese bento box is the wooden box with delicate grain and atmosphere appearance more, regardless of gender, regardless of age, regardless of men and women, old and young, all can be used.This antique metal series bento box highlights the difference with other bento boxes on the appearance.

Silver makes the bento box of old style qualitative, plus the English letter that indicates bento box model and capacity and number on the lid, it is do not have flavor one time, although modelling looks like simple, but can reflect a thick contemporary breath however.


The bento box we tested here is one of the single-layer frozen bento boxes in this series. Compared with the common bento boxes, there is not much difference in style, but more difference in texture and little secret in the lid.

When you hold it in your hand, you can directly feel the weight of this bento. It's not very big in size, but it's really significant.In the entire bento box, the box cover will occupy a lot of weight, what is hidden inside, see the back of you know.

Although the weight of this bento box is not light, its actual capacity is not proportional to its weight.Although its capacity is only 500 milliliters, but still can meet the normal people's average eating needs.


Lift the lid, visitors are greeted in addition to the outside and black box body is not the same, is a small white clapboard, can be simple separation, the food doesn't look very chaotic, after shaking all the way at the same time, by separating the food will not be shake all over the place, seem to be very messy, which affect the visual effect.


The next thing to talk about is the tightness of the bento box, which is not ideal, but within the acceptable range.This bento box can be filled with food that is slightly soupy, but it also needs to be kept steady to ensure that as much juice as possible does not flow out of the box.


And this bento box is not very good sealing is inversely proportional, but the insulation performance is good.

The reason it keeps warm a little is because of the coolant hidden inside the lid, which is also one of the reasons the lid is so heavy. Did you get it right?


In addition to the specifications mentioned above, this series of bento boxes also have regular models of 600 ml, 800 ml, 1000 ml and frozen double-layer models of 580 ml, which can be selected according to the actual situation of individual appetite.


Folding series bento box

Looking at the name alone, you may have such a question, other series of bento boxes are directly used as a box of various image themes as the name, but why this series of bento boxes used the word "folding" as the name?Or is the bento box, like a Transformer, capable of folding and folding into other shapes?


It would be interesting to have a bento box that could be ever changing!However, I'm here to tell you honestly that this is a very unlikely idea, but it's not too bad that you might be surprised by this bento box.

The design theme of this bento box is American retro, which stands out from many traditional Japanese bento boxes. The image is more in line with the theme of Hakoya's commitment to research new bento boxes suitable for modern life.

Apart from other factors, the biggest advantage of this bento box is just what the name says -- "folding". Ordinary bento boxes can take up a lot of space just by putting them there when they are not in use. However, the folding bento box can actually...?!


As you can see, the body of this bento box can be completely compressed into the lid without any food in it, like a thick dictionary compressed into a fold-out map. Isn't it amazing?

Regardless of the original shape of this bento box, it won't take up much space in the kitchen after folding, and it won't take much effort to assemble it when needed.

This bento box will not occupy a large space after folding, in fact the capacity is not small, 880ml space can hold a lot of food, not only that, after eating food cleaning project is also very simple.

However, due to the lunch box can be folded to receive the special performance, compared with other lunch box, the lunch box of no sealing, neither in the liquid food, nor the food that is put in the temperature is higher, pastries, and applies to fit into a sushi rice balls, sandwiches, fruit and other foods without juice cocktail.

Here we also need to remind you that this bento box can not be directly used in microwave oven, disinfection cabinet, oven, dryer and other machines. Heating will easily deform and even damage this bento box, and the loss is outweighed by the gain.


In addition to the blue version shown here, the Foldable Bento Box also has a red lid and blue straps, which you can choose from according to your preferences.

House series bento box

Houses are the most visible existence in daily life, whether it is a tall building in the city, or a small square house beside a country road, but all the buildings used for living or storage of goods can be called houses.

And houses often contain the concept of "home".Home is the place where you come back to at the end of the day.Home is where there are people who miss you.


But the Japanese do not have too much concept of "raising children for old age", children will leave home after adults, go out to live alone;After retirement, parents will find something interesting to do instead of helping their children take care of the children.Sons and daughters usually live alone outside, only in the festival time, will return home to visit their parents.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Hakoya would make the bento box into the appearance of "house". The meal in the bento box itself contains the taste of "home", which is exactly the memory of home and the memory of the bento made by parents in childhood.


The bento box of the house series includes not only the four European double-storey buildings of Red House, Yellow House, Green House and Pink House, but also the four Japanese classic buildings of Tibetan Chibi, Tibetan Black Wall, Izakaya and Tea House. It can be said that it is a series that the foreign wind and the gentle wind are combined with each other but separated from each other.


Like the doll series bento box mentioned in front, this bento box also has two layers, the appearance of the red small house lets a person fondle fondly.

Open the box layer by layer, not including the refrigerant, the box can be divided into five parts, a box cover, two boxes and two sealing LIDS, to form the red and blue Windows of the small building.


The bento comes with a coolant inside, but unlike the antique metal boxes above, the coolant is hidden directly in the lid. Instead, it is placed in the box alone.

If you need to use it, where should you put the coolant?

Naturally, it must be placed between the lid of the box and the sealing cover of the first layer, which is just right.

This bento box also has a feature that if the refrigerant is not put between the first sealing cover and the box cover, the sealing cover can not be used and two to three rice balls can be put in the first layer to increase the use space of the bento box and achieve the purpose of increasing the capacity of the bento box.



This bento box looks so cute that it doesn't seem to hold a lot of food. Here's a self-help question.

Q: How much capacity does it actually have?

A: The first layer is 300 milliliters, the second layer is 300 milliliters, no more, no less exactly 600 milliliters.It's not a huge amount, but it can put down a lot of food.


Then there is the sealing situation of this bento box. Compared with the boxy appearance, its sealing is still good, and it can be properly loaded with some food containing soup and water. As long as the box is not shaken too much, basically no soup will spill out.


In addition to being able to seal, this bento box is also quite good in heat preservation.Although it takes more time to heat the food, the temperature drops relatively slowly, keeping the temperature of the food in the box unchanged for a certain amount of time.

This bento box feels completely different from the antique metal series bento box, and when the food is heated under the same conditions in the early stage, the temperature of the food is also different, but their insulation performance is almost the same, which is also a very magical thing!

The Hakoya bento boxes are introduced by the general manager. Each one has its own unique features, advantages and disadvantages.

After reading this article, do you have a deeper understanding of these bento boxes?Do you feel the urge to pick up your favorite bento box and start a healthy bagging life?

If you can make your life healthier by reading this article, then so be it


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