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  • Cute bento boxes for foodies

    Whether it is office workers, in the inconvenience of lunch, the total can not do without convenient and quick bento. Even simple meals should be carefully stored in a lovely bento box. Here are eight distinctive bento boxes to find out which one is best for you as a foodie.Editor: The wood made of

  • What's in Japanese children's bento?

    What's in Japanese children's bento?The most unusual kindergarten lunchIn Japan, every child who attends a kindergarten, whether your child attends a private or a public kindergarten, has to make lunchboxes for them more or less every week. In The eyes of Japan's preschool education industry, this i

  • Recommend beauty lovely and inexpensive Japanese bento box

    ASVEL Moon Rabbit bento box ¥69ASVEL (ASVEL) is a household goods factory founded in 1971. The company is located in Daiwa County mountain City, Nara County, Japan, focusing on the meticulous workmanship, the use of material elegant household articles of daily use, has a good popularity in Japan, an

  • Children tableware what material is good

    Common childhood on market mainly plastic tableware, stainless steel, ceramics, glass and wood that several kinds of materials, from the health and safety into consideration, children must be ceramic and glass tableware is better, ceramic and glass children tableware non-toxic material, not easy to

  • What does children tableware choose to qualitative good

    Choose tableware for the baby, want to consider whether material material is safe, want to take into account whether design is easy to hold again, but face the variety of numerous children tableware on the market, what does children tableware choose to material good?Here Xiaobian to share with you t

  • 7 high appearance level bento boxes review, a good meal from the opening of the bento box

    Before we get started, let's talk about the history of bento boxes and a company that makes them in Japan.The word "bento" originated from a popular saying in the Southern Song Dynasty, which means "convenient things, convenient things and smooth things".After it was introduced into Japan, it was ma

  • What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Nemto Lunch Boxes?

    The custom bento box is not only convenient and practical, but also can store food in different categories. The current custom bento boxes include custom plastic lunch boxes, bento boxes made of polycarbonate (PC) and bento boxes made of tempered glass. The plastic lunch box cannot be put into a mic

  • Manufacturing Materials Of Custom Bento Box

    There are usually three common custom bento boxes: glass silicon, plastic and iron. In the case of plastics, it is divided into PC materials and PP materials, so it can also be said that there are 4 types. Among them, the glass bento lunch box is the safest in terms of materials, but it is inconveni

  • Good-looking bento boxes make children's meals more fragrant

    Good-looking bento boxes make children's meals more fragrant It is said that only food and love can not be disappointed. If a good-looking lunch box is used to set off a good meal, it must be a gift or self-eating, and the mood will be more joyful.Speaking of bento boxes, many people have traditiona

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