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A Brief Introduction To The Insulated Bento Lunch Box

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The weather is getting cold now. Many customers like to buy insulated bento boxes. Oumeng is the leading plastic bento box manufacturer, I have met many consumers and friends who don’t know how to choose an insulated bento lunch box. Next, Oumeng will introduce you to an insulated lunch.

The heat preservation bento lunch box is an ordinary lunch box with a heat preservation shell, which is filled with foam plastic in the inner and outer layers, and the inner layer is plated with a metal film. Reduce heat loss from three aspects of conduction, radiation and convection. An electric heating device is installed between the lunch box and the outer shell to supplement the heat loss and keep the food at a certain higher temperature.

It has a long heat preservation time and can be reheated when you want to eat. It has a fashionable appearance and is light and portable. Compared with the heat preservation bento lunch boxes on the market, the price is relatively affordable. The product is green and environmentally friendly, energy-saving and beautiful.


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