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Adult Leakproof Bento Box


Product descriptions

Color: pink

Aohea® Sushi Bento Box for children


The ideal companion for kindergarten and school

Your kids will love their new lunch box. In trendy, child-friendly colors, with robust equipment and practical dividing wall compartments inside. Our boxes are equally suitable for breakfast, snack and lunch and they are simply fun. Our box is very popular not only for eating, but also for playing and hiding small treasures.

Upgrade version 2021: We took a close look at the weaknesses of the previous models and eliminated them with the Aohea® sushi bento boxes.


Attention: the material of the boxes reacts to heat (dishwasher / microwave) and warps at too high temperatures. Please only wash the boxes by hand at a mild temperature

Advantages of this model:

✔ Easy to open | A new, additional seal ensures that the sushi bento boxes are easy to open by every child from the first to the last time

✔ Easy to close | no more snagging, no great pressure necessary

✔ Break-proof material | the hinges can withstand a lot - even if the can is closed a little rough

✔ Child safe | Children sometimes drop something and sometimes deliberately ;-) | no problem for Aohea® products

✔ Odor-free | noiseless opening, closing, using and playing (no squeaking or creaking)

✔ Hygienic thanks to easily washable surfaces

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