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Buy Lunch Bento Box For Kids, Choose Oumegn!

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In order to meet the diversified needs of users, OUMEGN chooses the core materials of origin in terms of lunch bento box for kids, material selection, craftsmanship, and functions. Every process and every function is carefully crafted, dedicated to creating high-end professional bento boxes in the industry , Allow users to show their high-end lifestyle.

In the current pursuit of quality consumption, product quality and child bento box face value have become important factors for consumers to consider commodities.

OUMEGN lunch bento box for kids mostly use macarons tones in color, which gives a very warm and comfortable feeling. The design is simple, compact and exquisite, and the color of the product is richer and more beautiful.

In addition, in order to take into account the consumer's demand for the function of the child bento box itself, OUMEGN pays special attention to the product's thermal insulation design. The ingenious function partition and sealing ring setting of the bento box can keep the food lasting temperature and delicious flavor. The special lock and strap design make the bento box more personal and fashionable, while ensuring that users can enjoy delicious food that is cold, warm and fresh at any time.

All resin materials used in OUMEGN child bento boxs are environmentally friendly, safe and reliable. The inner tank is made of food grade materials, and the external materials are also made of ceramic, silicone rubber, polypropylene and other environmentally friendly materials. At the same time, in order not to cause a burden on the environment, the materials are basically degradable and recyclable.

OUMEGN has been focusing on child bento box for 20 years, we have the world's most advanced tableware production equipment, and a strong R & D and production team, with ISO9001 and BSCI certification, can provide customers with comprehensive services from design to production, Provide customers with high-quality products.

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Dongguan OUMEGN Houseware Products Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of manufacture plastic products. Founded in 2007 and located in Qiaotou Town. We are a professional manufacturer of manufacture plastic products. Mainly focus on 3D image lunch boxClear Tritan Bento BoxLarge Size Bento BoxMiddle Size Bento BoxMini Size Bento Box and so on.

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Phonel:+86-138 2923 1860 (Jimesen Xu)
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