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Children tableware what material is good

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Common childhood on market mainly plastic tableware, stainless steel, ceramics, glass and wood that several kinds of materials, from the health and safety into consideration, children must be ceramic and glass tableware is better, ceramic and glass children tableware non-toxic material, not easy to breed bacteria, disinfection, convenient and safe for children's health.However, children's tableware made of glass and ceramic is easy to be broken, and the broken fragments are easy to hurt children, so there are certain safety risks.So what is the best material for children's cutlery?Here a look at the advantages and disadvantages of common material children tableware.

1. Glass and ceramic tableware for children

Advantages: environmental protection and safety, not breeding bacteria

Disadvantages: Fragile, debris can easily hurt children

Suggestion: Glass and ceramic cutlery are fragile and should not be used by baby alone.The tableware of porcelain and porcelain of choose and buy had better be pure color without decorative pattern and the surface is smooth.If you must buy a pattern, you should pay attention to the "underglaze color", that is, the surface is smooth, do not feel the sense of pattern for the top grade.

2. Plastic tableware

Advantages: good-looking appearance, fall resistance.

Disadvantages: oil dirt is difficult to clean, friction after the surface easy to wear Angle, resulting in insecurity.

Suggestion: had better choose colorless transparent or plain color.Don't buy smelly, cluttered plastic cutlery.

3. Stainless steel children's tableware

Advantages: easy to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, less chemical elements.

Disadvantages: thermal conductivity is easy to hot hand, heavy metal content is not qualified will harm health.Cannot be full for long put the dish that has vegetable soup, because in vegetable soup often contains acid material, can dissolve the nickel in unqualified stainless steel tableware and chromium come out.

Suggestion: stainless steel tableware has "13-0", "18-0", "18-8" 3 kinds of code names.The number in front of the code indicates chromium content, and the number in the back indicates nickel content.The higher the nickel content, the better the quality.But nickel, chromium is heavy metal, must choose technology so pass pass of perfect, quality, the product that accords with national standard.

4. Wooden children's tableware

Advantages: good heat preservation, natural fall resistance, not easy to hurt the baby.

Disadvantages: not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria.A lot of woodiness tableware surface uses paint poison big.

Suggestion: Buy woodiness or bamboo tableware, had better not buy the surface to compare bright or have paint.Because most tableware decorated with paint contains lead, long-term use is not good for your baby's health, it is best to be made of natural wood.

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