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Clear Plastic Water Bottle With Straw


Aohea clear plastic water bottle is Tritan material, tritan is the best choose for water. We have 350ml and 500ml. And the transparency is very good. It’s durable, It won’t break if you accidentally drop it on the ground. And we have straw design, when the kids use it to drink needn’t Unscrew the lid, just open this straw part, we can drink it. Choose aohea water bottle, you needn’t worry your kids will spilling water on cloth or desk.

Most plastic water bottle including BPA, while Bisphenol A is an internationally recognized substance that can increase the risk of cancer and is related to breast cancer, prostate cancer and precocious puberty. Its harm to the human body is similar to smoking. After being ingested, it is difficult to decompose, has an accumulation effect, and can be passed on to the next generation. Experiments conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States show that drinking plastic bottled beverages and eating food stored in plastic containers are the main sources of human intake of BPA. If you choose Aohea water bottle, you needn’t worry about it, because Aohea school bottle is tritan material, bpa free. The most safe choose!

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