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Cute bento boxes for foodies

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Whether it is office workers, in the inconvenience of lunch, the total can not do without convenient and quick bento. Even simple meals should be carefully stored in a lovely bento box. Here are eight distinctive bento boxes to find out which one is best for you as a foodie.

Editor: The wood made of bento box health and environmental protection, although it looks simple, but the round shape also makes it have a little bit of cute feeling, the inside of the grid division can separate different foods, quite delicate design oh.

The candy colored bento box is perfect for girls. The transparent lid allows you to see what's inside, and there are cute cartoon pictures on the lid.

If you didn't say it was a lunchbox, you'd think it was a real burger. Realistic shape let the appetite open, there are circular and square two options oh.

Small note: The teal bento box is suitable for boys. The image of a baby elephant on the lid is also very cute. There are two shapes to choose from.

HelloKitty bento box is also a must-have item for little girls. It has a three-dimensional HelloKitty head on the lid.

Strawberry bento box is so cute! Sweet just to look at, the buckle design keeps the lid from falling off and the food from spilling, whether you like red or pink!

The double deck design allows more space for food storage. The small menu on the side of the box is very cute.


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