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Good-looking bento boxes make children's meals more fragrant

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Good-looking bento boxes make children's meals more fragrant


It is said that only food and love can not be disappointed. If a good-looking lunch box is used to set off a good meal, it must be a gift or self-eating, and the mood will be more joyful.

Speaking of bento boxes, many people have traditional stainless steel or plastic bento boxes in their minds. But in fact, there are now more and more bento boxes that are both attractive and practical.


Dongguan Oumeng Household Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic products, providing a full range of products. We have been committed to the development and production of high-end plastic products, such as kitchen utensils, lunch boxes, drinking bottles, baby products, etc. The most satisfactory product is bento lunch box for kids.


★Fun colors and children-we are specially designed for children, our containers are fun, colorful, and most importantly, they are easy to open for children during school hours. Note: The lid should be easy to open and leak-proof.


★Keep kids' lunches fresh-use separate boxes/lunch boxes to keep food fresh and safe to prevent contamination. Each compartment container is filled with food to prevent moisture and long-term storage of food


★Environmentally friendly, durable, BPA-free recycled polypropylene that can ensure maximum durability and safety to prevent harmful chemicals commonly found in plastic food containers. Safe dishwasher-Our child-friendly food containers are made of environmentally friendly containers.


If you are interested in our bento lunch box for kids or other customized products, you can contact us.


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