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Healthy Adult Bento Box


For everyone who would like to do without plastic 100%, we now have something on offer. Our new tritan box made of 100% stainless steel is available in 2 versions. Our 2in1 box has 2 separate containers and can be transported on two levels. The tritan detachable lunch box has a variable divider and is leak-proof.

Healthy Adult Bento Boxs are now available in stores.

Viscous foods such as yoghurt or dips can be filled, but not pure liquids or thin ones. Tip: dry wet fruit well so that the water does not run into the other compartments. The opening and closing of the tritan lunch box is child's play for children, but the box remains well closed and does not just go into the backpack.


Cleaning advice: The complete box can be dismantled into its individual parts and completely put into the dishwasher. However, since the outer shell does not come into direct contact with the contents, it is usually sufficient to wipe it off with a damp cloth. We recommend hand washing the empty outer box to prevent warping when the temperature is too high and to ensure a long service life for the lock. If you have chosen a box with personalization, the outer box should always be washed by hand, because the name could be damaged by the heat of the machine. Warm soapy water and a soft cloth are perfect. Please always store your tritan detachable lunch box open afterwards so that it can dry completely.

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