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How To Bring Food To Be Healthy And Nutritious?

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Oumeng is a leading plastic bento box manufacturer in China. It mainly produces plastic bento box wholesale. It has long-term cooperation customers from all over the world and is a reliable plastic bento box manufacturer. Many office workers will ask how to bring food to be healthy and nutritious. Now Oumeng will introduce a few methods to everyone.

First, the choice of dishes

Staple food:

Of course, rice is the first choice for staple food. It is recommended to add one-third of millet, brown rice, oatmeal, etc. when cooking rice to increase the intake of dietary fiber and B vitamins. Steamed buns tend to become dry and hard when heated in the microwave.

Vegetarian dishes:

The first choice is eggplants, potatoes, stems, these vegetables are not easy to spoil, and it is not easy to change the color and aroma of dishes after being heated in a microwave oven. It is not advisable to bring green leafy vegetables, because the content of nitrate in green leafy vegetables is slightly high. If heated in a microwave oven or stored for too long, the vegetables will turn yellow and taste, and the nitrate will be reduced by bacteria to toxic nitrite. Long-term consumption is not conducive to Healthy body.

Meat dishes:

You should choose low-fat meat and fishy foods, mainly poultry meat, because the content of unsaturated fatty acids is less, you can also choose lean pork and beef, which have high protein content and are also storage-resistant, suitable for bringing rice. Fish and seafood are prone to produce protein degradation product histamine overnight, which can damage liver and kidney functions. In addition, it is difficult to maintain the original color and fragrance after being heated in a microwave oven, and it will also affect appetite from the appearance.

Second, heating and storage methods

It's best to stir-fry vegetables for 7 or 8 minutes, so as not to further destroy their nutrients when heated by microwave.

Don’t leave leftovers as lunch boxes. Reserve a little bit for the next day’s lunch after the dishes are out of the pot to reduce the possibility of microbial contamination.

The staple food and vegetables are separate, try not to put them in a box.

Third, the choice of lunch boxes

Be optimistic when buying lunch boxes, don't buy PE and PVC ones. Be sure to choose a lunch box suitable for microwave heating. Such a lunch box will be marked with the words "microwave oven suitable".

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