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How To Choose The Right Bento Lunch Box?

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With the increasing demands on the quality of life, a variety of bento lunch boxes have appeared on the market to facilitate the people's choice. Nowadays, many bento boxes are not finished in one box, and functionality is also very important. There are advantages and disadvantages to the division of regions and the matching parts.

1. The separation of regions is very important.

Meat soup and rice integration

Advantages: A plastic lunch box is done to prevent cross contamination.

Disadvantages: The capacity is not large enough to hold many kinds of dishes.

Obvious box set

Advantages: can separate a variety of foods, dry and wet separation.

Disadvantages: easy to odor, normal sealing, no soup.

Separate the soup and sauce

Advantages: authentic flavor.

Disadvantages: too many utensils, too large, too heavy and too troublesome to carry.

2. The functionality of accessories.

Some bento boxes come with tableware, and the storage of tableware is also particular.


Advantages: save space.

Disadvantages: The groove is difficult to clean.

Independent cutlery box.

Advantages: good cleaning and disinfection.

Disadvantages: One more box, weight gain.

3. Capacity selection

The description of the bento box will have specifications and capacity.

About 1000ml is a relatively standard capacity, which is about the amount of a meal for a normal adult.

Weigh your appetite and choose the size.

Custom bento lunch boxes according to your own needs, buy suitable bento boxes, and step into the office gracefully with exquisite and beautiful bento everyday, and accept the envy of colleagues. It is very exciting to think about it.

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