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Introduction of Bento Box Materials

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There are many bento lunch box for kids and adults on the market, and the materials are also different. Let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of bento boxes of different materials.

1. Glass

✅Advantages: good heat resistance; easy to clean, without leaving food color and smell; good sealing.

❌ Disadvantages: It is heavy and inconvenient to carry; the face value of taking pictures is slightly inferior.

2. Plastic

✅ Advantages: light weight; high value; good sealing; can be properly heated.

❌ Disadvantages: It is relatively difficult to clean when there is a lot of grease.

3. Logs

✅Advantages: good air permeability, wood chips can absorb part of the water and fat in the big meal, keep the rice full of elasticity; high value.

❌ Disadvantages: poor sealing, not resistant to high temperature (can not be sterilized and heated at high temperature); not suitable for filling greasy, juicy, easily contaminated food.

4. Lacquerware

✅Advantages: antiseptic, antibacterial; high value.

❌ Disadvantages: heavier and not easy to carry.

5. Aluminum

✅Advantages: high face value; lighter.

❌ Disadvantages: It cannot be heated; it is not suitable for food that is easily stained by juice; it cannot be loaded with corrosive seasonings such as soy sauce, salt and vinegar for a long time.

6. Stainless steel

✅Advantages: easy to clean; some can keep warm.

❌ Disadvantages: can not be heated; the insulation of the stainless steel lunch box is poor.

7. Insulation lunch box

✅Advantages: good thermal insulation effect, you can eat hot lunch without microwave; good sealing, you can hold soup.

❌ Disadvantages: The face value of the photo is slightly worse; slightly heavier.

8. Bamboo weave

✅Advantages: light and durable; ventilation and antibacterial.

❌ Disadvantages: large size; can not contain juice foods, suitable for dry foods, such as rice balls and sandwiches.

You can choose your own bento box according to your needs.

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Phonel:+86-138 2923 1860 (Jimesen Xu)
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