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New Product Of AOHEA Pleastic Lunch Bento Box

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child BPA Free bento lunch box

As a world-famous brand of bento boxes, AOHEA is designed to facilitate customers to bring liquid food to school or work. AOHEA plastic lunch bento box maunfacturer has released a new Bento Box With Food Jar. Friends who like to drink soup will definitely like this Bento Box With Food Jar.

Advantages of Bento Box With Food Jar

BPA free: Tritan material + 304 stainless steel. It's child BPA free bento lunch box with food-grade material. Passed FDA and LFGB certification. Tritan material is imported from UAS Eastman company, and we have got their authorization

Leakproof: This outdoor BPA free bento lunch box is leakproof. The shell has a silicone sealed ring. Can keep soup in the stainless steel soup jar, no matter whether at school, office, in everyday life outdoor or in sports!

Microwave safe: The outdoor BPA free bento lunch box (excluding stainless steel food jar) is microwave safe. Can heater you're food when you need it.

Durable: The high reusability of the environmentally friendly outdoor BPA free bento lunch box with variable subdivision saves you valuable resources. The stainless steel can is the PERFECT & SUSTAINABLE alternative to single-use or plastic products!-Reusable instead of one-way!

EASY CLEANING: The whole box is dishwasher safe. Thanks to the high-quality material composition and the exchangeable seal, the bento box with food jar can be EASILY cleaned in the dishwasher!

Lunch bento box manufacturers will continue to develop new AOHEA plastic lunch bento boxes, I hope you like them.

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