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  • Types Of Plastic Lunch Bento Boxes

    Type of lunch bento box in the market, find the lunch bento box you need.

  • Plastic Lunch Bento Box For Shiitake Mushroom Rice

    The delicious rice with mushroom oil is ready, put it in the plastic lunch bento box, and go to work. A day full of vitality.

  • What is a lunch bento box?

    AOHEA is a lunch bento box manufacturer, professional production of kid's bento boxes, adult bento boxes, high-end bento boxes.

  • Buy Lunch Bento Box For Kids, Choose Oumegn!

    OUMEGN has been focusing on child bento box for 20 years, can provide customers with comprehensive services from design to production, Provide customers with high-quality products.

  • How To Use The Bento Box Correctly?

    Being able to use bento boxes correctly will make our lives more convenient.

  • Introduction of Bento Box Materials

    There are many bento boxes on the market, and the materials are also different.

  • what is bento box?

    Bento boxes are a very popular item in Japan. Why? You know, Japanese food is sushi, ramen and so on, but you know, Japanese people eat bento for lunch every day, because bento to take, which means to carry and save a lot of trouble, so what is a bento box?

  • The temple praying

    We have many group building activities to enhance the cohesion of the team, such as: mountain climbing, cycling, temple blessings, billiards competitions, food competitions, barbecue activities, etc.

  • Customer visiting

    When the customer visits the factory, we will take the customer to visit the entire production process and introduce the company's philosophy and culture. Let customers know more about products and trust us more, laying a solid foundation for long-term cooperation.

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