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Plastic Bento Box for Adults

Style: 6 comaprtments

Size: 22.6*17.5*5cm

Shape: Rectangle

Weight: 680g

One carton 20pcs, G.W. 14.9kg

The Plastic Bento Box for Adults features:

CHILD-FRIENDLY & PRACTICAL - Our Aohea school Bento Box is suitable for every packed lunch. It is practical, functional and made for kids and adults. Whether at school, in kindergarten, when traveling, during leisure time activities or during sports. The bite-sized snack can be transported perfectly, healthily and practically.

✅ SEAL & STABLE - The Aohea school snack box is leak-proof, the seals in the lid prevent liquids from leaking. In addition, the lunch box is compact, safe and well thought-out, and it has a child-friendly lock. A metal pin in the hinges makes them particularly stable. So a perfect companion!

✅ INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNABLE - With every Aohea kids Bento Box (blue / boys, pink / girls, green) we accept customize color, printing image and stickers, what's more, OEM package box is okay also.

✅ VARIABLE & SAFE - The kids bento box can be individually divided and used with 2 additional inserts. The transported food can thus be neatly separated from one another and stored. In addition, the box is free from harmful substances, BPA and plasticizers (tested by independent laboratories).

✅ CLEANING & CARE - All parts of the Aohea kids bento box can be removed separately, which also enables thorough cleaning of the entire box. The inner lid can also be removed and cleaned separately. The bento box is dishwasher safe (upper compartment, max. 60 ° C), but we recommend hand washing.

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