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Plastic Lunch Bento Box For Shiitake Mushroom Rice

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As a plastic lunch bento box manufacturer, AOHEA supplies various bento boxes. There is a bento box, and of course there must be delicious. Now I teach you to make a delicious.

Ingredients: 150g rice, 15g shiitake mushrooms, 10ml oil, 5g shrimp skin, 5ml dark soy sauce, 10ml light soy sauce, 5ml cooking wine, 5g sugar, 2g salt.


1. Wash the rice, put it in a rice cooker, add a bowl of water to soak for more than 1 hour, turn on the power and steam the rice.

2. Wash the mushrooms, soak them in clean water for half a day, remove and drain.

3. Cut the shiitake mushrooms into finger-sized cubes, filter the water for soaking the shiitake mushrooms and set aside.

4. Take 70 ml of shiitake mushroom water, add dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, and salt, and stir to form a sauce.

5. Put oil in the pot, stir-fry the diced mushrooms and shrimp skins after the oil is hot, pour the sauce into the pot, and simmer for half a minute.

6. Put the steamed rice in, stir and fry evenly until each grain of rice is covered with juice.

The delicious rice with mushroom oil is ready, put it in the plastic lunch bento box, and go to work. A day full of vitality.

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