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Recommend beauty lovely and inexpensive Japanese bento box

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ASVEL Moon Rabbit bento box ¥69

ASVEL (ASVEL) is a household goods factory founded in 1971. The company is located in Daiwa County mountain City, Nara County, Japan, focusing on the meticulous workmanship, the use of material elegant household articles of daily use, has a good popularity in Japan, and bento box is also his trump card products. The moon rabbit bento box is also based on the Japanese story of the moon rabbit.


The actual picture of the lunch box was used for half a year, and the pattern did not fade.

This double moon rabbit lunch box has a top cover made of AS resin (temperature range: -30-100 degrees Celsius, so the lid can't be heated) and a main material of polypropylene (temperature range: -20-140 degrees Celsius). The compartment is made of safe PP material, and the lid has a circular air vent, so you can heat it freely with a microwave (but you can't heat an empty box).

There is a circular air vent in the lower right corner of the lid. Because it is a portable Japanese bento box, it is not suitable for soup food.

So I generally only do steamed rice + stir-fry this has red and blue color, with a couple is also very appropriate to see at the first glance by the appearance of this lunch box to adorable! Each box features a cute polar bear face, which is cute and appetising, completely eliminating the possibility of an ugly box spoiling your perfect lunch.

The biggest feature of this lunch box is that it can keep cold for 3-4 hours, and it can go back and forth between Haidian and Chaoyang twice. Many people don't use lunchboxes, they just wash them lazily, and some lunchboxes are so hard to clean that they are disgusting the next day. But it's so easy to take out and wash, and the middle divider is so easy to assemble, that I think these small details are why I put it in my cart.

In addition, the adorable white Bear bento box comes in several sizes. Whether you are a bird stomach or a big stomach king, whether you eat alone or to share with the lovely her, it can meet your needs.

You can use a small lunch box to pack sushi, and then use four boxes respectively to pack some fruit ah, triangular rice ball, okja burn what, pay attention to the color match, very simple to achieve the appearance level full mark. As for nutrition, all so many boxes, still can not nutrition?

If the first two were cute, crohn's is chilly. Simple and clean color matching, it looks more comfortable. The double deck division and the complimentary cutting board allow you to divide the food in the box freely. Multicolor optional, collocation lovers do not want too convenient ah!

My roommate bought just the one shown here, and while it might seem like it wasn't properly sealed, she said there was no leak. Recently it home in the cold wind based on the launch of a panda, looks cute a lot, if there is a need to try friends. This Lunchbox is made by Keita Suzuki. The manufacturer, AKAO ARUMI, is a well-known aluminum manufacturer in Japan. The company has been responsible for the prototype of the 1 yen coin, which is a sign of its exquisite craftsmanship and advanced technology.

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