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Say Goodbye To Waste Oil, Start With Bento Lunch Box

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Say Goodbye To Waste Oil, Start With Bento Lunch Box 

Dongguan OUMENG Houseware Products Co., Ltd. is a leading bento lunch box manufacturer established in 2007 in China. The OUMENG is a professional manufacturer of the customized bento lunch box. and has become a long-term partner of more than 200 customers worldwide. The society is progressing, the times are changing, and the health industry is slow Rise slowly. For example, fitness, bento box lunch, bird's nest, more and more young people say goodbye to waste oil, and start new eating habits from lunch bento boxes

According to a report from the Health Times, the current boiled fish, spicy tang, and fried chicken takeaways really don’t dare to eat too much. What kind of cooking oil, expired seasonings, etc., almost all depend on takeaway for three meals a day. Who would have thought that a 27-year-old Wenzhou girl Xiaolin (a pseudonym) suffered from hyperlipidemia and was admitted to the ICU with sudden acute pancreatitis? Her blood plasma became "lard-colored", and her triglycerides were found to be excessive. 18 times. The doctor first took a small tube of blood to prepare for the test, but in the test tube, it was obvious that there was a layer of white oil floating on the upper layer of the blood night, and the blood pressure was much higher than the standard. The situation was very dangerous.

The main culprits of "lard" blood are those who love to eat greasy food, usually take-out oil is usually a lot, overeating, and not exercising for a long time. The best way is to eat lightly and exercise. Say goodbye to cooking oil, start with a custom bento lunch box.

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