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Stainless Steel Lunch Box Manufacturer China


Let me introduce the new style box we design recently. The box name is stainless steel box, which made up of 304 sus. 304 is a kind of material that has been recognized by the nation around the world. It's a serious of food grade material, non-toxic and safety, using this kids or adult food box also good to health. The trace elements contained in box are indispensable for human beings, and help to promote blood circulation and nerve regulation. the function and advantage of this box is healthy, heat-resistant, Antibacterial, unbreakable.  The size is 26.5*20*6.5cm, it looks big when glimpse at the pictures for the first time. But actually is rather small when we got the sample at the first time, there have 5 parts inside the box. Snack, fruit, juice, bread, fork and spoon are can be put inside that, this also the reason why we design like that.  With that high capacity we can enjoy a large amount of the delicious snacks, and it's easy to clean.

From the start we design this, the market is popular with SS box, expecially India and some Europe countries. So we consider about how we can also design a box that different from the other. In the end we create a 5 compartment, middle size, leak-proof and beautiful outer shell.

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