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The 5 Best Bento Box With Food Jar

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AOHEA BPA-free bento box with food jar

AOHEA's latest design of BPA-free bento box with food jar, choose the best material for food-tritan and 304 stainless steel. The 4 compartment design with food cans allows you to match different foods by yourself. And it is leak-proof and can be carried more easily.

bento box for kids with leak proof food jar

OmieBox bento box with food jar

You can use the OmieBox bento box to store your food. The lunch box uses 4 partitions to distribute your food reasonably. There is also a food tank that can carry liquid food and has the function of keeping warm and cold. Provide you with delicious food anytime, anywhere.

Bento Box with Food Jar

Sistema bento box with food jar

Sistema bento boxes have many customers on Amazon, mainly because they are cheap and mainly made of plastic. The multi-compartment container has enough space for sandwiches or salads, removable snack plates and sealed yogurt jars.

Bento Box With Food Jar q

Bentgo BPA-free bento box with food jar

Bentgo’s bento boxes are very popular among consumers. This product has a 4-compartment tray including 1 large compartment and 2 small compartments, which can meet all your needs.

bento box

UMAMI bento box with food jar

The UMAMI bento box is divided into 1 food can, 2 movable and movable partitions, and 3 sturdy tableware, which can be locked in place for quiet transportation. The food jar is relatively small and can carry some seasonings to give you a delicious lunch.

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