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The Difference Between Tritan And PC Material

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plastic lunch bento box manufacturer

As a bento lunch box manufacturer, AOHEA uses a lot of Tritan materials in the process of producing plastic lunch bento boxes. So what is the difference between Tritan material and ordinary PC material?

The difference between Tritan material and ordinary PC material

1. In terms of transparency, both the highly transparent plastic Tritan and PC have no background color and are completely transparent, but the transmittance of Tritan is slightly higher and the product is more transparent.

2. In terms of chemical resistance, Tritan performs better. After using detergent, the transparency of PC will drop rapidly because the chemical resistance of the PC is not good enough. PC is fragile and sensitive to alkaline substances and most greases, and its performance in all aspects will be greatly reduced after contact. Tritan has obvious advantages in chemical resistance. If you have a dishwasher test, the PC will often break after a few dishwasher cycles, and Tritan can go through hundreds of cycles without any damage.

3. In terms of strength, PC and Tritan have the same impact strength, and both have the same reliability in terms of robustness.

4. In terms of heat resistance, PC has obvious advantages. The heat distortion temperature of PC reaches 137°C. Under the same conditions, the maximum temperature of Tritan is only 109°C.

5. Safety factors The most important difference between Tritan and PC is whether they contain BPA (bisphenol A). PC is a material with BPA as the main raw material, while Tritan does not contain BPA at all. BPA is a low-toxic substance, but animal experiments have found that even at very low doses, it also has obvious estrogenic effects, and has certain embryonic toxicity and teratogenicity. The investigation also found that workers who have been exposed to BPA for a long time have obvious damage to their health. Although there is no evidence that trace amounts of BPA migrating from PC containers have adverse effects on the human body. However, the lack of timely evidence does not eliminate people's concerns about PC security. After all, as temperature and time change, PC products will continue to accumulate BPA. Therefore, governments of various countries have taken the lead in banning the use of BPA-containing materials in baby food to ensure food safety. Since then, the scope of the ban in European and American countries has gradually expanded. Tritan is comparable to PC in terms of transparency and strength, and is completely BPA-free. In food contact applications, it has replaced a large PC market share in recent years.

As a plastic lunch bento box manufacturer, AOHEA also very concerned about the health of consumers. The plastic lunch bento box produced by our factory is basically made of food-grade materials, which provides great protection for consumers. Welcome to buy AOHEA bento box.

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