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The Key to Healthy Lunch

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During the growth period of children, the combination of diet and nutrition is crucial. In addition to eating breakfast well, lunch nutrition is even more important. Aohea is the leading bento box manufacturer in China, offers custom bento boxes for kids. Now teach moms how to match healthy lunches for their children.

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Experts have said that students’ lunch boxes should be a scientific standard. At the very least, the lunch box should include fresh fruits, crunchy vegetables, low-fat dairy products, meat products, and whole grains.

A healthy lunch box includes six key points:

1. Fresh fruits, fruits are not only rich in vitamins, but also can promote digestion.

2. Fresh and crunchy vegetables. Vegetables are one of the essential foods in people's daily diet. Vegetables can provide nutrients such as vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body.

3. Milk, yogurt or cheese (you can choose low-fat dairy for children over two years old). For children who are intolerant to dairy products, please provide suitable alternatives, such as calcium-fortified soy milk, rice flour or soy yogurt.

4. Meat or meat substitutes, such as some lean meats (such as chicken strips), boiled eggs or peanut butter. If your child’s school has a nut-free policy, avoid putting peanut butter or other nuts in your child’s lunch box.

5. Cereals or cereal foods, such as bread, rolls, flat bread, fruit bread or biscuits (it is best to choose foods made from whole wheat).

6. Water, an important resource for the survival of all human beings, and the most important part of the organism

Moms can give their children a reasonable mix of food for the day. Of course, if the child wants to go to school, you can buy a custom bento box for your child to ensure daily nutrition.

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