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The Making Process Of Bento Lunch Box

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Bento Lunch Box Manufacturer

Oumeng is one of leading bento lunch box manufacturers, and has been committed to the development, production and sales of high-end bento boxes. There are many kinds of lunch boxes on the market, but how are plastic lunch boxes made? We now introduce to you the process of making plastic lunch boxes.

The making process of bento lunch box

1. According to the customer's requirements, the r&D team will design the mold, and after the customer confirms that there is no problem with the mold, confirm the customer's order requirements

2. Calculate raw materials according to the order quantity and prepare corresponding raw materials

3. Turn on the machine, the machine needs to be preheated, cleaned and debugged.

4. After completing all preparations, put the raw materials into the raw material barrel. After the raw materials are heated and melted through the pipeline, the melted raw materials are injected into the product mold by high pressure, and high-temperature compression molding is performed. After cooling, the finished product is ejected. The hair is removed by the machine and placed on the assembly line.

5. The quality supervisor will check the quality.

6. Print the logo on the bento box, and the quality supervisor will check the quality again.

7. Packing.

As a professional plastic bento box manufacturer in China, Oumeng's plastic bento boxes are of high quality and competitive prices. Now consumers are more and more concerned about health issues. Our products are safe in materials, so they are deeply loved by consumers. We will continue to develop products that consumers love to meet their needs.

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