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The Secrets Of Japanese Plastic Bento Lunch Box

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Office workers and students in Japan like to bring their lunch to work or school. Therefore, plastic bento lunch boxes are used, but almost everyone does not use heated custom bento box, because Japanese bento is made with rice at room temperature. Maybe it's because hot rice emits a smell, which makes others unpleasant. We must know that the Japanese are most afraid of their actions causing distress to those around them.


As a professional plastic bento box manufacturer, OUMENG was also confused for a while. Because it is winter, heated bento boxes are very good to sell. I recommend heated bento boxes to Japanese bento box wholesalers, but the feedback is that they only need the previously cooperated bento. Boxes, so please don’t judge Japanese bento by Chinese eating habits.

Japanese bento is usually based on leftover rice, so it is generally not necessary to start from scratch. Usually like a platter. Several ingredients are put together, and simple lunch is done. Common ingredients include egg rolls, meatballs, tempura, pickled vegetables, tofu skins, etc. In short, they are non-perishable dishes. This is a very hearty bento.

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