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Large Size Thermos Bento Fresh Lunch Box - AOHEA


Aohea bento to have patent on US, EU and AU

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Storage options for food on the go

The Aohea bentology bento lunch box for kids product range is ideal for everyone who travels a lot. It consists of a number of storage bins for groceries such as salads, sandwiches and other fresh ingredients. The separate compartments keep the freshness and taste longer.

Suitable for microwave, dishwasher and freezer

All AOHEA containers and lids series can be cleaned in the dishwasher (top compartment). In order to keep the box beautiful, the out shell suggest wash by hand,because the shell is easier to scratch. They can also be used to freeze food or to defrost and heat up in the microwave.

Whether you take your lunch with you to the office, to school or to the park - we have everything you need on the go, from lunch boxes and snack containers.

Aohea bentology bento box can match with cute fruit picks

Great party accessories: there can never be enough snacks like fruit and cake at a party. A fork or skewer will help make these snacks easier to eat. Funny party accessories that will make your party more fun.

Sturdy and Easy to Clean: Made of high quality ABS material, non-toxic, odorless, safe to use, meticulous workmanship, smooth surface with no burrs. Durable and reusable, for repeated use, easy to clean.

Cute decorative article: Not only suitable as a fork or skewer, but also as a decorative article for your home. Clean the skewers and stick them in plants or fruit - so cute!

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