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Types Of Plastic Lunch Bento Boxes

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BPA Free bento lunch boxes

Tritan bento box

Clear Tritan bento box is a new type of bento box. Due to people's pursuit of quality of life and health, the market's environmental protection requirements for plastic raw materials are also increasing. The bento box is made of the safest food-grade materials such as Tritan and BPA-free, which are deeply loved by the market.

Microwave plastic lunch bento box

The texture is thick and sturdy, no matter how you fall, it will not break. The operating temperature is 140°C-minus 30°C. It can be boiled on high heat in a microwave oven or placed in a freezer for low-temperature storage. No embrittlement or aging.

Glass lunch bento box

The box body is generally glass-colored, clear and transparent. A small steaming rack is built in the lunch bento box to provide convenience for steaming noodle products and has a dripping effect to heat oily foods to prevent moisture from moisturizing the food, and to maintain the original flavor of the food.

Thermal lunch bento box

There are several types of lunch bento boxes that can maintain the temperature of the food, such as stainless steel and tempered glass. The insulation performance is different for different materials. Vacuum insulation can be used for 10 hours, and insulation and cold storage can be used for 24 hours.

Military lunch bento box

Professional lunch bento box for troops marching and fighting. Generally light and small, it is not easy to rust in carrying, and it has strong plasticity, which can avoid the damage to the body by bumps; aluminum products can be used as pots in extraordinary times, and they also have functions such as lightness and carrying. Aluminum is light and reduces load. The texture is generally thin, heat conduction is fast, and fuel saving. Compared with military metals and iron and steel products, the cost is low and suitable for large-scale equipment.

Plastic lunch bento box

Lunch box made of plastic. The raw materials of the plastic lunch box cause the minerals and additives added in the lunch box to dissolve with the water, vinegar, and oil contained in the food, so it is easy to produce peculiar smell.

Disposable lunch bento box

A lunch bento box made of foam plastic that can only be used once. Also called white lunch bento box.

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