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Mini Size Waterproof Bento Lunch Box Supplier


Raw material: ABS shell, tritan inner case, TPE soft sealing ring


CHILD-FRIENDLY & CLEAN SEPARATION - Waterproof Bento Lunch Box Supplier, Aohea plastic bento lunch box can be opened and closed with just one lock, even by the smallest. The individual compartments are neatly separated from each other so that the content tastes as it should even after hours and does not mix with other foods.

✔️ SEALED & DO NOT MIX - The seals in the lid prevent wet food from leaking out (does not apply to liquids) and the contents of the individual compartments do not mix. You can find more information on filling the box below in the product description.


✔️ STABLE & THOUGHT-OUT - The Aohea plastic bento box has a single child-friendly lock and the hinges are very stable thanks to the metal pin. In addition, the inner lid can be removed from the outer shell so that all parts can be cleaned separately. This enables simple, thorough cleaning of the entire box. And since the outer shell does not come into direct contact with the contents, it is usually sufficient to briefly wipe it with a damp cloth.

✔️ SAFE & HEALTHY - The Aohea bento box is of course free from harmful substances such as BPA and plasticizers (tested by independent laboratories). The individual parts consist of the following materials: Outer shell = ABS | Indoor use = Tritan | Inner lid = TPE + PP


✔️ SPECIFICATIONS - Dimensions: 18 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm | Weight: approx. 404 g | All parts of the box are dishwasher safe (upper compartment up to max. 55 ° C). We recommend hand washing the empty, outer box to prevent warping at too high temperatures and to ensure a long service life for the lock.


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