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What does children tableware choose to qualitative good

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Choose tableware for the baby, want to consider whether material material is safe, want to take into account whether design is easy to hold again, but face the variety of numerous children tableware on the market, what does children tableware choose to material good?Here Xiaobian to share with you the main points of children's tableware material selection.


What does children tableware choose to qualitative good


Plastic cutlery

Advantages: good-looking, can let the baby to have a meal more interested, and anti fall.

Disadvantages: easy to attach oil dirt, difficult to clean, after friction, easy to edge and edges, resulting in insecurity.

Suggestion: Do not eat foods that need heat preservation and are too oily.Best choose colorless transparent or plain color.If you want to attract your baby's attention, bring flowers on the outside of the cutlery, but not on the inside.Don't buy smelly, cluttered plastic cutlery.

What does children tableware choose to qualitative good

Imitation porcelain tableware

Advantages: soft texture, smooth as porcelain but very thin, not afraid of falling deformation, heat preservation performance is also very good, and not hot.

Disadvantages: imitation porcelain tableware production is more complex, so it is easy to adulterate.Many companies use toxic urea-formaldehyde molding powder instead of the normal resin raw material melamine as raw material, because the price difference between the two raw materials is nearly 10,000 yuan per ton.

Suggestion: See whether the product is evenly colored, whether there is deformation, whether the surface is smooth.After buying home, boil with boiling water for half an hour, and then cook for half an hour after airing for half an hour. Repeat four times. If there are white and black spots, it is a defective product with poor quality.

What does children tableware choose to qualitative good

Stainless steel tableware

Advantages: good scrubbing, not easy to breed bacteria, less chemical elements, suitable for drinking water.

Disadvantages: easy hot hand, heavy metal content is not qualified will endanger health.Cannot be full for long put the dish that has vegetable soup, because in vegetable soup often contains acid material, can dissolve the nickel in unqualified stainless steel tableware and chromium come out.

Suggestion: stainless steel tableware has "13-0", "18-0", "18-8" 3 kinds of code names.The number in front of the code indicates chromium content, and the number in the back indicates nickel content.The higher the nickel content, the better the quality.But nickel, chromium is heavy metal, must choose technology so pass pass of perfect, quality, the product that accords with national standard.

What does children tableware choose to qualitative good

Wooden tableware

Advantages: good heat preservation, more natural, more delicate and soft texture, not easy to hurt the baby.

Disadvantages: not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria.Decorative paint is highly toxic.

Suggestion: Buy woodiness or bamboo tableware, had better not buy the surface to compare bright or have paint.Because most tableware decorated with paint contains lead, long-term use is not good for your baby's health, so it's best to use natural ones.

What does children tableware choose to qualitative good

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