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What Is The Most Important Thing For Office Workers To Choose A Bento Lunch Box?

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More and more office workers bring meals, but have you chosen the right bento lunch box? We must know that if the lunch box is used improperly, it will have a profound impact on our health, and we must not ignore it. Next, let me introduce to you what is most important in choosing a bento box, and which is the best lunch box.

If you want to custom bento lunch box, OUMENG can provide you with various styles of bento box. However, when choosing TRITAN plastic lunch boxes, you must have a reliable brand, such as AOHEA, because only TRITAN plastic is safe, non-toxic and can be used with confidence. The biggest feature of this material is that it does not contain BPA and meets FDA food grade certification. , And has excellent toughness and impact resistance. It has gradually replaced PC in the food industry. In addition, please choose a brand produced by a regular manufacturer and hope to adopt it!

OUMENG is a professional bento lunch box manufacturer. It is recommended to choose a bento box that is easy to use and light in weight, and most importantly, it looks beautiful! The so-called cooking skills are not enough, the tableware will gather together. Cooking skills determine whether food is good. The lunch box can help.

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