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What Is The Most Important Thing To Choose A Bento Box?

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child BPA Free bento lunch box

We are a bento lunch box manufacturer in China. The main product includes 3D image lunch boxes, clear Tritan Bento boxes, children water bottles, large bento boxes, medium bento boxes, and mini bento boxes.

As consumers pay more and more attention to health, people are concerned about whether the materials used in the crisper itself are healthy. Hygienic, safe materials, harmless to the human body, the most popular new design of the new lunch box in 2020 is sealed, leak-proof, warm and resistant to Tritan Food storage containers and lids, usually what we call good airtightness, should be called crisper, which reduces the contact between food and air to a certain extent, and achieves a certain preservation effect. Tritan material, high transparency, comparable to glass, But it is very light, drop-proof, high temperature resistant to 200℃, vacuum box, vacuum preservation, food preservation time is extended by 3-5 times, and the nutrition of the food will not be lost, vacuum preservation prevents the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms, Is the healthiest way to preserve freshness. The box cannot be opened after being vacuumed. It can be easily opened by flipping the valve on the lid, which is very convenient and easy to use.

The AOHEA bento lunch box manufacturer uses a material that combines the advantages of ordinary plastic and glass. It has high transparency, heat resistance to high temperatures of 200°C, and it is resistant to falling and not easy to deform, light and easy to carry. TRITAN actually refers to the United States East Mann is the name of the material. The biggest feature of this material is that it does not contain BPA, meets FDA food-grade certification, and has excellent toughness and impact resistance. It has gradually replaced PC in the food field.

AOHEA's personalized custom bento lunch box and vegetable soup are designed with three separate compartments, which keeps the food away from the smell to the greatest extent. The ordinary lunch box and vegetable soup are mixed together, and the delicious dishes will also change the taste.

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