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What Is Your Favorite Custom Bento Lunch Box Type ?

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What Is Your Favorite Custom Bento Lunch Box Type

What is your favorite Custom Bento Lunch Box Type? Is it an insulated lunch box, a plastic lunch box, or a folding lunch box, which one is your favorite lunch box? Where's the box? What type of bento box did your family make recently for a bento box lunch?

Custom Bento Lunch Box Type only comes with a box of vegetables, can it meet the expectations of food? I'm tired of lunch outside, how many people will bring mealsGo to work? Many people cook some soup at home and take it to the company to eat, take it to the company’s microwave oven to heat some, and lunch for friends at work. It can be colorful, simple, and convenient. There is no need to worry about eating for lunch. Wake up in the morning, it only takes an hour to be in the kitchenPrepare steaming meat soup, add some chives, lettuce small plate, braised fish small plate, rice small bowl in the soup.   Put them in the bento box one by one. generalThe normal bento box is only used to store meals and vegetables, so what type of bento box is more suitable for soup?

Oumeng is a professional manufacturer of Custom Bento Lunch Box Type. We have a professional design team that will design the bento box you want according to the needs of the market and customers, and help you solve the design plan that soup can also be safely taken to work.

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