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What's in Japanese children's bento?

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What's in Japanese children's bento?

The most unusual kindergarten lunch

In Japan, every child who attends a kindergarten, whether your child attends a private or a public kindergarten, has to make lunchboxes for them more or less every week. In The eyes of Japan's preschool education industry, this is the most important thing, because every meal of a child bears the love of a mother.

Feeding is the first step in raising a child.


From the very beginning of a child's life, breastfeeding is the most important moment in the parent-child relationship. Even if there is not enough breast milk, it is probably the mother who holds the most bottles. When the child is trying to suck, the mother's gentle eyes are always watching and accompanying, bringing a strong sense of security and attention to the child, which is the first step for the baby to grow up healthily.

When you are in kindergarten, it is essential to make a nutritious and loving lunch for your baby. 

Lunch for four ninjas


Good lunch for the twins

Every day, the children into the kindergarten first thing, first to put their bags in order in their own compartment, and then take out their lunch together, carried by the duty to the designated place, it is cold in winter, is generally placed in the designated vent; In summer, when it's hot, it's usually kept cold in a freezer. In short, try to make cold food without a microwave.


With cold food, it is not easy to let children who do not like to eat vegetables eat more varieties and more nutrition.

Pikachu egg rice

Assorted bento peripherals

Japanese food manufacturers are also struggling to meet the market demand, developing a lot of bento molds, bento products.

I've seen some of the bento dishes that Japanese mothers make for their children. Whether it's rice balls or rice and side dishes, nine out of ten of them are made with bibimbap.

Sprinkle a few bibimbap ingredients on the fragrant rice for an instant appetite boost! 1 minute to turn rice into delicious food!

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