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Larger Size Lunch Box Leakproof Sealed Square Container Wholesale Tiffin Lunch Box


The narrow profile is ideal for a backpack, briefcase or satchel. Made of sturdy material, it stays in shape even when it gets a little tight. The can protects the contents from being crushed. Just prepare your snacks the day in advance and then just get the lunch box out of the fridge. Every day you can design your menu with more variety. Thanks to modular compartments with just a few ingredients or with up to six different ingredients!


Make your children or your partner happy. The best experience with a lunch box is the pleasant daily surprise when you discover delicious things there during the snack break. In Asia, true works of art are conjured up from the ingredients: pandas made from rice and algae leaves, flowers made from fruit and much more. Let your creativity take over your mind and body! You will love this little all-rounder that fits in every pocket!


Care instructions                                                                                                                                           

Wash your hard plastic lunch box as soon as possible after each use.

It is important for thorough cleaning that you remove both the insert and the inner lid from the outer shell.

All parts of the bento box can be cleaned in the dishwasher (upper compartment up to max. 55 ° C). Of course, you can also wash the Aohea by hand. Since the outer shell does not come into contact with the contents, it is usually sufficient to simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Thoroughly dry all parts with a cloth.

We recommend storing the parts of the lunch box separately after cleaning so that they can dry completely and are ready for the next use.

Tips for filling

The Aohea hard palstic lunch box is suitable for moist, but not for liquid food!

Please do not overfill the divisions of the inserts.

Remove excess liquid. Cool contents well, for example with a cooling battery in your pocket.

To close the box, press it shut and close both flaps so that everything is well sealed.


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