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Why Do Elementary School Students Have A Soft Spot For Lunch-Bento-Box?

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Why do elementary school students have a soft spot for lunch-bento-box?

Remember, when my little nephew was in elementary school, my mother always prepared lunch for her grandson, and packed some food, vegetables, and soup in a lunch bento box . Now that 5 years have passed, the lunch box is still there, but it is worn out, and even because it is broken, it has to be wrapped in a plastic bag every time. Otherwise, it will be easy to flow juice and soil the lunch bag because it is not sealed. Recently, the baby finally Fed up. I blamed my mother for being too stingy, why not get a new one?

Recently, my nephew went to the supermarket with his mother and saw the new plastic lunch boxes on the supermarket shelves. The children cried and wanted to buy them as gifts. So I carefully studied the material of this lunch box. The new design of the new lunch box in 2020, 304 vacuum insulated stainless steel soup cup, made of 304 stainless steel, BPA-free and phthalate-free. Eastman authorized. Good airtightness, 100% leak-proof, can keep water and soup. The unique Tritan material has high transparency and is comparable to glass, but it is very lightweight, resistant to fall, and resistant to high temperatures of 200°C. The storage time of the food in the bento box is extended by 3-5 times, and the box can be opened in the microwave to heat the food.


We have a bag for packing boxes, which can be folded for easy carrying. A multi-functional lunch bento box for kids, can be used repeatedly, easy to clean, easy to handle and put, not broken or broken, easy to use at home, on business, and travel, and can be used for a long time.

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